Wednesday, July 27

don't be LAME

As I read this from my devotional this morning, I actually laughed out loud:

"Randall Peterson, a retired autoworker, thinks there could be interest for a new kind of Bible.  He sarcastically says that a publisher ought to create an electronic Bible that would allow for editing from the pew.  That way individuals and churches could make the Bible say what they want it to say.  He says it could be called 'LAME' Bible:  'Locally Adaptive Multifaith Edition' and 'could be sold to any church regardless of what it believes.'" ~ Anne Cetas

After laughing out loud, I was immediately struck with the remembrance of a conversation that I had yesterday and my laughter turned to sorrow.  Time was short when the topic of salvation came up as I listened to this person's interpretation of what Scripture had to say.  My mind was swirling with a response, but the steady talker ate up the time I had to spare as he picked and chose verses that could back him up yet leaving out other key verses found in Scripture.  Since this is a person who crosses my path from time to time, there may be a possibility of gently sharing my disagreement with his interpretation. However, until then he will be sharing a viewpoint with others giving them a false hope.  And that makes my heart sad.  

God's Truth will stand no matter how we try to revise it.  My hope is that this Truth will open our eyes and revise us in the process allowing us to share what truly is GOOD NEWS to others!

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Anonymous said...

Thankfully God's Truth stands no matter how the wind shifts! Oh that we may hold fast!

When I saw the word LAME I just knew I had to share a story with you, Tammy. Several years ago I was substituting for a Sunday School class of kindergarteners. I was teaching the story of Jesus healing the lame man. When I asked if anyone knew what being lame meant. One little boy raised his hand and said, "Yeah, it means not cool. I learned that on SpongeBob." WOW! Jesus makes us all cool! Unfortunately, it also relates to how the Bible is interpreted through our 21st Cent. mindset and we can see how we make a mess of what God intended.

mom said...

Only Sponge Bob! LOL! Thanks for sharing, Jenny. I know you have the same love for Gods Truth :-)

Tammy ~@~

The Prude said...

What an honor, that God asks us to participate in sharing His truth, and what a comfort to know that in spite of our time constraints or halting words or limited opportunities, His Word won't return void.
Good post!

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