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grand observations

Since I have found through the years that having nine children tends to reveal all the exceptions to the rules of generalized things about kids, most likely the very small scale study I am about to mention will fall through the cracks as totally inaccurate in the years to come. I'm okay with that as it will keep life interesting as I continue to observe.

Having had my oldest daughter and her two little ones and her dog here for almost two weeks, I've made some observations that includes all four of my grandchildren.

*In the two families with grandchildren, their oldest child is a daughter.  In each family this firstborn daughter is independent, high spirited and busy, very particular about clothes, likes to giggle, has imaginary friends, and isn't all about getting kisses from grandma.

*In the two families with grandchildren, their youngest child is a son.  In each family this secondborn son is laid back, will wear anything, makes noises with their mouths, loves the lake water, enjoys snuggling, smiles every time grandma talks to them, and readily accepts kisses from grandma.

*Each one of my grands is simply adored and I find their personalities quite fascinating, especially when they do or say something that resembles their parents growing up. Even little looks on their little faces will zap my heart with a memory of long ago that makes me smile from the inside out.  

*As grandparents it seems that my husband and I have kept much of our same personalities that we have had as parents.  My husband brings home treats for the grands which they can eat immediately if they want even if it is right before a meal and I'm the one telling them they can't walk around with their food and need to sit at the table. See the difference?    

Stay tuned to see if any of my observations hold up through the years!  LOL!

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Anonymous said...

Love this post!

There are some things inherent in being firstborn and second. These descriptions fit my daughter and son to a T. lol, but you were talking about grands, right?

I have also noticed the same thing about our grandparenting. It drives my husband crazy to hear his grandson cry, even when Ben just needs to cry something out. I am wanting more to train him...Grandpa wants to play.

mom said...

I was talking about grands, Jenny, but interestingly it doesn't fit my first and second born but seems to fit the personalities of my girls vs. boys. Hmmmm.....

And yes, we are on the same grandparenting page and I really didn't think I'd be on this page so it has taken me by surprise!

Enjoy your grandparenting days.....wish your sweet little grand lived closer to you!

Tammy ~@~

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