Saturday, July 2

independently choosing wisely

As I think about the upcoming celebration of Independence Day which gave our country freedom from Great Britain, it reminds me that we do live independent lives which allow us freedom to make choices daily.  Have you considered your choices in this way:

"Men are choosing every day the spiritual or earthly. And as we choose we are taking our place unconsciously with the friends of Christ or the world.  It is not merely what we say; it is what we prefer." ~ A. B. Simpson

We can say anything, but what does our heart really prefer? To follow Christ or to follow the world?  

This morning as I was reading through Second Corinthians chapter five, the focus of my choices was brought in an even clearer light as I kept coming back to the beginning of verse fourteen and had to look up all the different variations of one word.....

"For the love of Christ.....constraineth(KJV, ASV), controls and urges and impels(AMP), compels(NKJV, NIV), controls(ESV, RSV, NLT, NAS)

Those are strong words!  Does my love of Christ have such power in my life that I would no longer desire to make choices that would revolve around myself, but would instead choose to make choices that would please God?

Live like a new creation!  Live like Christ's ambassador! Live like a fellow worker encouraging those around you!  And do it all for the love of Christ!

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