Tuesday, July 12

it all began with a radish

When it comes to my garden, it truly doesn't take much to get me excited.  In fact, I could spend all my days out there puttering if I didn't have this other life of kids and a house and a job.  Well, maybe not all day as the mosquitoes are nasty first thing in the morning and last thing of the day. But I really do enjoy being out there in the rows of my garden.

Soooo, when we can finally begin eating the fruit of our labor life becomes even more exciting.  Like last evening when I picked and ate THREE radishes that were PERFECT!  I know this may not sound amazing to anyone else, but having perfect radishes is a big deal as they typically get wormy quickly in my garden.  The spinach is looking pickable and the first head of broccoli is about to be cut. Yippeeeeeeeeee!  

Now back to your regularly scheduled summer day :-)  

Tammy ~@~


Anonymous said...

What a lovely coincidence - I picked and ate two radishes yesterday also - the very first ones in my own garden!


mom said...

Wonderful, LuAnne! Happy gardening to you!

Tammy ~@~

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