Saturday, July 9

lilies in the pink

Following a spring filled with blossoms is a summer filled with blossoms.  My peony bushes were recently full of heavily scented flowers which filled vases in my home. Right now my lilies are beginning to bloom.
This light pink one is loaded with blossoms that are ready to open.  I think this is only its second year, so I'm delighted with how well it is doing.
The color is delightful and a nice change from all the yellow and orange lilies that are more typical around here.   

We've been so dry in our area that I've needed to make a point of watering all the flowers, especially since they've all been so abundantly and spectacularly flowering this year. The extra work is worth the smile in my heart each time I look at the beauty all around me.

Enjoy the glimpses of beauty God sends your way this summer!

Tammy ~@~


Amanda said...

Beautiful pink flowers. Taking the time to appreciate God's gifts is so important!

mom said...

I agree, Amanda! It's hard to slow down in today's world, but so essential if you want a strong relationship with God.

Tammy ~@~

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