Friday, July 22

new eyes for life

Summer has been so busy that I haven't had much time to follow national news.  Once in awhile I click on a news link, but for the most part I typically only have time to see what the weather is doing.  And that's okay.  The national news and international news can be so discouraging to read at times.  Especially when you read about the violence and disregard for human life on so many levels.  

This morning my devotional took me to some of my favorite verses in the Bible - Psalm 139.  As I read through verses 13 - 16 and God lovingly handcrafting and creating each new life, I was suddenly struck with the fact that He does this with each and every person that walks on this earth. Not just the ones who come to love, adore, and serve Him, but each and every person.  Even those that I read about in the news who have allowed sin to reign in their life to the point of violence and taking the lives of others.

God lovingly handcrafted even those lives from the beginning. Once upon a time those lives were perhaps snuggled close to a mother as newborn babies.  Their cheeks were kissed. Smiles were shared.  Each new milestone was celebrated. Or perhaps not.  Maybe love didn't greet them as they entered this world.  Maybe their beginnings on this earth would lead them to live their lives completely contrary to Him as they spew hatred into the world. 

But God knew that.  He had a plan.  He loved the world - each and every life - so much that God sent His Son to die for the sins of the world.  Jesus did not come to condemn, but to save.  There is hope.  Eternal hope for each and every life that was lovingly handcrafted by our Creator.  

Simple yet, profound.  It will cause me to look at each person that comes across my path - or is in the news - with brand new eyes as I think back to their beginnings and the hope that is available for each one.  There is new life available for every life through Jesus!

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