Monday, July 11

please put on your new toga

From commentary found in my Life Application Bible:  "In Roman society, a youth coming of age laid aside the robe of childhood and put on a new toga.  This represented his move into adult citizenship with full rights and responsibilities."

YES!  Why did society ever drop that visible sign of moving into adulthood?  No one could continue acting immature and live childish because there was a visible sign of accountability that came with adulthood as they walked through their days.

Such does not seem to be the case in today's society. Although the marker may be coming of age at 18, there does not seem to be a move into adult citizenship with full rights and responsibilities.  There is no question that they do want the full rights, but the responsibilities?  Ahhhh, that often seems to be the part they want to forget about until they are older.  Often they can forget about that until they are older because there are people in their lives that allow them to continue in a lifestyle of immaturity.

Such is the continual struggle when dealing with the society saying one thing to your young adults and you as a parent believing quite the contrary.  

It is hard parenting young adults who still live under your roof.  How do you set boundaries and consequences when society says they have rights, but your household rules say they are not taking care of their responsibilities?

Ahhh, the age old question.

May God continue providing me with wisdom and discernment as I hoe these harder rows of my parenting garden!

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The Prude said...

We just talked about this with our 19 year old!
This is what we have done with all 3 boys- we relate to them as our children who need love and discipline, but we also appeal to them as our brothers in Christ.

Lots of talks about what pleases the Lord and how we can mutually bring Him glory. Praise God that they have so far shown an intense desire to honor Him!

mom said...

I hear you, Anita! And they hear it and they know it and for the most part they are on track, but there are MOMENTS.....grrrrrrrrr! Sometimes it makes me long for those potty training days......hee hee!

Tammy ~@~

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