Saturday, July 16

tucked in with God

As I've been waiting on my girls to get all their things ready for tomorrow morning and to get ready for bed, I sat and read one of my devotionals.  It was soothing to read these words so close to bedtime:

"Notion your mind with the idea that God is there.  If once the mind is notioned along that line, then when you are in difficulties, it is as easy as breathing to remember--Why, my Father knows all about it!  It is not an effort, it comes naturally when perplexities press. Before, you used to go to this person and that, but now the notion of the Divine control is forming so powerfully in you that you go to God about it.  Jesus is laying down the rules of conduct for those who have His Spirit, and it works on this principle--God is my Father, He loves me, I shall never think of anything He will forget, why should I worry?" ~ Oswald Chambers

So nice to be tucked into bed by my Heavenly Father who loves me so much!

Tammy ~@~


The Prude said...

lots on my mind and heart today, so this is a wonderful reminder!

mom said...

{{{Anita}}} May you always feel tucked into bed at night by God!

Tammy ~@~

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