Thursday, August 18

forgetabout self

My thought for the day:

"Yourself, yourself, yourself.  We're up to here with self! Do something for yourself or with yourself or to yourself. How very different from Jesus' model and message!" ~ Charles R. Swindoll

Yes, how very different from the example Jesus sets for us and His words found in the New Testament.  Yet how our culture feeds into everything contrary to Jesus.  It certainly is a challenge to get children who are growing up in this culture to not think the world revolves around them.  And just as difficult for adults!  Imagine if believers really lived this out on a daily basis.  World changing for sure!

Off to see how I can do with this challenge today....

Tammy ~@~

1 comment:

The Prude said...

I'm telling ya, it's only by God's grace that I can take my eyes off myself for even a moment.

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