Friday, August 26

my non-followers

You never know what facts you may learn by playing Jeopardy.  I never realized until this week that there's a whole group of people who will NEVER be followers of my blog.....they are people who have anthophobia.  These people suffer from an abnormal and persistent fear of flowers even though they may realize that flowers will do them no harm.  Could be the petals.  Could be the stems. Could be the scent or color.  Could be an allergy to the pollen.  Could be the bees that swarm a flower patch. Could be any of these things which send this person into an anxiety ridden state of mind which may include physical symptoms.

It made me sad to think that flowers which bring me such joy and happiness could bring such panic and fear to others. Imagine how difficult it would be to have this phobia as flowers are all around us and found especially at celebrations of life like weddings and at the end of life at memorial services and funerals. 

On that note as a non-anthophobia person, let me just say that my annual garden zinnias are blooming in full force right now......

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The Prude said...

I would laugh at our friends the anthophobes if my daughter-in-law wasn't butterflyphobic, and if I weren't a hypochondriac, a claustrophobe, and pathologically afraid of bats.
So glad you don't fear flowers- you do them so well!

Kimmie said...

hmm...maybe I have a fear of WEEDS. (perhaps that is what is keeping me out of the garden lately???)

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