Monday, August 1

remember the solid nouns

Whoooooosh!  The last month of summer has arrived and it always seems to be the busiest summer month.   The garden starts becoming abundantly fruitful which means lots of canning.  School books need to be ordered, plotted out for the school year ahead, then opened for use.  Outdoor summer projects need to be completed before the fall days begin.  Soccer practices and games begin.  The annual church picnic is held.  And our daylight hours shorten dramatically.  What a perfect verse to keep some stability and give me strength in the month ahead:

"The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer." ~ Second Samuel 22:1

If those aren't enough solid nouns to encourage you, the next verse gives more solid nouns to describe the Lord:

*My rock 

*My shield

*My horn of salvation

*My stronghold

*My refuge

*My savior

Nothing to fear when God is on your side!

Have an awesome August!

Tammy ~@~


randi said...

i needed this reminder today! thanks for posting this. :)

The Prude said...

What a great perspective!
Happy August, my internet friend!

mom said...

You're welcome! And happy August to you, too, Anita!

Tammy ~@~

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