Tuesday, August 2

the wisdom of eight

Last night as I was tucking my youngest into bed and we were getting ready to read her Bible story, one of her older sisters came in and started chatting away to us about random things.  After a few minutes, this sister left the bedroom as quickly as she came in.  

I looked at my little one and she calmly said, "She sure is complicated!"

I replied with a knowing smile on my face, "You are wiser than your years, sweet girl!"

Oh, how I love the sweet innocence of children who see things as they really are and wish they'd stay that way instead of growing into young adults who do think they really do know everything and need to set everyone else straight. I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, this youngest one will skip that stage.....

Tammy ~@~ 


The Prude said...

Well- my youngest seemed to, for what it's worth. His older brothers are wonderful, but some of their teen quirks drove him crazy and he has been determined not to emulate them in that regard.
Thankfully he does admire their zeal and courage for the Lord and His church.
And he hopes that his future wife will be as wonderful as his sisters-in-law.

mom said...

YAY! I have hope for my youngest, too!

Tammy ~@~

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