Thursday, September 1

the still of september

Trying to swallow the big lump in my throat that happens every year when I flip the calendar page to September.  It always comes with that feeling of panic...."Oh my goodness, the summer is over and none of my projects got done!" Somehow the enthusiasm to tackle the world in the month of May gets lost in the busy days of all the activities that come with summer.  Of course, that sense of panic doesn't have time to linger because it's also the major garden harvest time, too, which is in full swing throughout the month of September.  Lots of canning left to do in the days ahead and an excitement, too, as we wait for pumpkins to ripen.  

It all gets put back into perspective as I look at the Scripture for the month of September.  Reading through Psalm 46 quickly reminds me of those things that strike fear in the hearts of man.  Utter and total destruction of the world around us.  Consider the powerful tornadoes of spring, the summer earthquakes, the hurricanes of fall.  God our Creator has a way of shaking up the world in a way that man cannot duplicate.  

Yet, if God truly is your refuge and strength, you will also recognize Him as an ever-present help in trouble.  You can be confident and at peace within His fortress.  Even when the earth blows, shakes, and floods.  Even when the summer list has faded from the sunshine pouring onto it and not because its been crossed off one by one.  

"Be still and know that I am God......" ~ Psalm 46:10

Knowing Him does bring a stillness to your heart whatever the days or month may bring.  Knowing Him will cause you to praise Him no matter what the storm.  

May you come to know Him in even greater ways as you are still in September.

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shopannies said...

what a beautiful picture you painted in this post september is the end of the summer garden but yet there is still so much beauty to be come see me at

The Prude said...

Perfect start to my day.
And may Sept. 2 be very productive for you.

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