Monday, October 10

Simple Woman's Daybook for October 10

For today October 10th

Outside my window.....the skies are once again blue as a beautiful day ahead is forecast.

I am thinking.....that I would love to sit outside in the yard all day and not move since it could be the last day this warm and beautiful for months.  I just want to soak it in!

I am thankful.....that the Lord is soooo faithful and I have nothing to fear.

I am wearing.....summer-like clothes for one last time before I put them away in the closet for next summer.

I am hearing.....birds cawing out in the field by the house.

I am wondering.....when some things will be your "thorn" or when they aren't meant to be your "thorn" and change needs to occur.  Does that make any sense?

I am creating.....a list of people that need thank you notes. I don't like getting so far behind on this task.

I am head to the garden this morning and plant my garlic.

I am reading.....only my devotional and Bible right now.
I am praying.....for a family who suddenly lost their wife and mother last week.
I am a cousin and I were both due with a baby on Columbus Day twenty-five years ago.  She had her baby about two weeks before that date and I had mine about two weeks after that date.

I am hoping.....that since several main events are now over that life will really truly settle down into a routine.  It will happen, right?

On my my daughter and her family who are still looking for a place to call HOME.  You keep hearing about how incredible the housing market is right now but that hasn't been their experience.
From the learning children have been working quite independently and I need to catch up on checking their schoolwork.

Noticing that.....
the woods is looking mighty bare as most of the leaves have already fallen. 

I am looking forward to.....catching up indoors now that the outdoors work is completed for the season.  There will be leaf raking left to do yet, but that doesn't feel like a MUST DO as we always do it in the spring, too.  

Pondering these words.....
"No verse of Scripture yields its meaning to lazy people.
" ~ A.W. Pink

From the kitchen.....are all the jars of carrots that were canned yesterday.  I need to write the number on the lids and put them away in the food pantry downstairs.

Around the house
....are flip flops which the girls seem to think they'll wear until the snow starts flying.

One of my favorite the scent of autumn which is alive and well each time I step outside.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....include getting some boxes in the mail, many projects for work, Bible studies, and in general a slower pace.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.... 
A peek at some of the jars full of carrots before canning them yesterday.  Carrots are the prettiest brightest things to have on my pantry shelves.

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Theresa said...

The carrots look delicious. And I don't think the housing market is so good right now either ;)

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