Monday, October 3

patiently loving

As I glanced at my calendar and the busy full week ahead, I knew there was no mistake in the timing of this paragraph in my devotional this morning:

"Bursts of impatience only demonstrate that we are more concerned with our own agendas than with the needs and struggles of others.  So let's all take a deep breath and turn our focus away from ourselves by patiently loving others instead of ourselves in the midst of stress." ~ Joe Stowell

Thinking I've had enough more than enough experiences to make me an extremely patient person, God has ways of gently humbling me to grow more of this fruit of the Spirit by giving me opportunities to be stretched a bit more.  

This will be a week of practicing that very thing and it will begin this morning when I head to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my driver's license.  I'm guessing this place in my area is no different than others around the country - long lines with lots of people who have unusual questions when they finally do get to the window which makes everyone in line wait more.  

Now that I've read this devotional this morning, I'm going to challenge myself to see how I can show the love of Jesus even in a long line of people at the DMV.  Think I can do it?

What about you?  Have a challenging situation coming up that will need patience that is over and beyond your usual levels?  Take a deep breath, forget yourself, and focus on others!

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