Monday, October 24


As I was looking through my posts, I realized that I had never published my first post of the month which is always my calendar post.  There it was still sitting as a draft. Completely ready and set for publishing.  It made me wonder about what distracted me that day.  Then I thought back to the first day of October and remembered that I had an early morning check-out from a hotel with a day of waiting in airports, flying over our country, and driving home.  That was only a few weeks ago, yet it feels like it was much longer than that as life quickly picked up pace as soon as I returned home.  

So, here's the original post for October first and a good reminder for me as we get close to closing out this month....
Honestly, I cannot believe how fast September went by :::::blink::::: and it was gone!  I'm looking forward to things perhaps slowing down a bit once we get through the first week of this new month.  

I love the happy sunflowers on this calendar page as it reminds me of my happy sunflowers growing in my garden this summer.  Even more, I love the verse that goes with October:

"Rejoice in the Lord always; I will say it again, Rejoice!" ~ Philippians 4:4

We don't always feel like rejoicing, do we?  Perhaps that is why Paul needed to say it again....REJOICE!

When I look back over my life at some of the difficult moments that certainly didn't feel like ones that were worth rejoicing over, I can see now that God had a plan for those moments for GOOD.  Those moments actually formed my character in positive ways.  Realizing that as well as seeing God's faithfulness firsthand makes rejoicing a little easier task.

Try it!  When life is difficult, say out loud or even in a whisper, "Thank you, Jesus!" and see what happens......

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