Saturday, October 29

sunflowers and squirrels

Must be a long hard winter ahead because the squirrels are just crazy this fall.  They are getting blatantly brave right now with their primary spot being our front deck as they empty out the sunflowers from the birdfeeders despite our and the dogs best efforts.
Then this week I looked out my bedroom window and noticed a squirrel swaying on the sunflower stalk that I had stuck into my cornstalks by our kitchen door porch. (Note all those cute little pumpkins that came from my garden and the big ones, too!)
He kept grabbing the seeds out of the sunflower which was really quite fascinating to watch, but I soon got tired of him ruining my fall decorations and opened the kitchen door to scare him away while noting that the other sunflowers that were part of the decorations were now eaten away.  Guess it's a good lesson on how God provides for ALL his creatures, eh?

Thinking of the weekend ahead, my heart goes out to those on the East coast and their significant snowy last weekend of October forecast.....yikes!  

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LaughingLady said...

Well, you just keep that long, hard winter to yourself!! :) We haven't noticed any strange activity up here, so I'm still hoping for a mild one!

mom said...

Since we have to go through winter anyways, I'd love a very snowy winter. But I'm not about a very cold winter or a very long winter. Guess we have no choice but to smile when the sun shines!

Tammy ~@~

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