Thursday, November 24

doing and not doing the pc thing

One of the favorite things about Thanksgiving preparations is the PC.  Pie Crust.  At the end of my pie making duties, all the scrap crust pieces are thrown into pie pans, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon and baked for a little bit while the last pie of the day is baked.  It's a yummy traditional treat to eat on the day before Thanksgiving and we love doing PC.

This past week I've been *chewing on* the Scripture from Sunday which came from Colossians 3:12-17.  Lots of good nourishing stuff in only a few verses.  There were three phrases that jumped out to me (ESV):

*be thankful

*thankfulness in your hearts to God

*giving thanks to God

The disciples often talked about thankfulness and I recently wrote about this when I flipped my calendar to the new month of November as I considered the verses bringing me to always.thanks.everything   The disciples developed a habit of thankfulness long before the Pilgrims ever came to America.  Every day for them was a day of celebrating thankfulness.  It was part of who they were as they recognized who God was and continually gave thanks to Him.  

Giving thanks always for everything in today's world probably wouldn't be considered PC.  Politically Correct.  Yet as we come to know God's goodness and love which grows our trust and faith in Him, how can we not celebrate thankfulness every day for everything.  It's going against the PC culture we live in which is wrapped around self-centered living and instead keeping our hearts on God centered living with thankfulness. 

Do enjoy this celebration of Thanksgiving today and everyday as you keep your heart God-centered impacting the world around you!

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