Wednesday, November 2

the downside of down

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved her pillow.  It was a wonderfully squishy pillow filled with downy feathers and it went with her everywhere she ever slept. For years.  And years.  And, well, many more years. Until the last week of September of this year when that very much older girl said, "Honey, since I'll be gone for a week, will you please take my pillow to the cleaners to get the feathers fluffed and cleaned?  I talked to the man who owns the business and he said it only takes a week to do it and since I will not be able to take my favorite pillow with me this would be the best time to do this task since it has never ever been done in all these many many many years I have owned this pillow."

Returning home a week later there was much dismay that the beloved pillow was not home from the cleaners.  Nor was it done a week later.  Nor a week later, but at least now the girls at the counter were quite sympathetic as the whimpering over the loss of a favorite pillow was becoming much louder.  To the owner they would speak and relieve themselves of such a sad weary customer.

Alas!  A week later the pillow was ready!
Poor sad thing.  Apparently as they took apart the pillow, the feathers in the pillow had been covered, recovered, and recovered again over the years which must have been done before the little girl took ownership of the beloved pillow for she herself had never added a cover.  Due to all the coverings many of the feathers had crushed between the layers and had turned to DUST.  The scant feathers left behind were cleaned and fluffed and a new bag of fluffy down feathers were added to the new restored pillow.  

Poor sad thing.  It was one flat pillow whose new white feather protecting cover sounded crunchy whenever the much older girl tried to bunch it up into a snug soft spot to lay her tired head. 
Poor sad thing.   Doesn't make any difference what is inside the cover of this pillow now.  It's just not the same. Not even close to the same. The kind ladies at the cleaners said more bags of fluffy down feathers could be added to the pillow, but will it ever be the same?

Stay tuned....

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keri said...

Well, now I know what to get you for Christmas!!! Hampton pillows from pacific pillows!!!!!!! I know you liked theirs.... :)

mom said...

I will definitely be considering that for my list.....

Love you!

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