Monday, November 21

giving in to the white

I feel like I'm kicking and screaming every time we hit this time of the year.  But alas, it does me absolutely no good. Winter starts moving in whether I like it or not during these gray gloomy November days.
The snow covers all the sandbox dumptrucks and toys and the beloved baby swing that were so busily in use not so many weeks ago.
The snow freezes a clothespin to the line for the winter ahead as no one will be hanging clothes there for a long time.  Notice the rusty brown oak tree leaves in the background still hanging on for dear life, too!
The garden gate is done being opened for the season as the piling snow will prevent it from moving until spring.  The kiwi vines on the garden fence will rest, too.
The pine trees which offer the only color in the winter woods are even covered for the moment.
The crabapple tree that was abundantly covered with crabapples feeding the deer all fall is now a maze of empty branches.
The fall pumpkins and cornstalks are still out there reminding us that it is still autumn on the calendar and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  And yet, this early lasting snowfall is whispering to me :::Christmas::: and has prompted me to get started earlier than I normally do.  So how can I kick and scream about the snow when there is such an obvious prompting to reduce my future stress?

Now, check your observation skills and tell me what you see mixed in the cornstalks.  It'll give you the clue to know what my children were interestingly playing in the snow.......

So, are you ready?  Winter is here!


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