Tuesday, November 8

hastening for centuries

Perhaps the thing that makes me grrrrrr the most about technology is that it has put our culture on such a fast pace. There is no patience.  Everything must happen NOW.  My tail end children have a much harder time with the concept of WAIT than my older ones as the younger ones are used to things happening instantly at the touch of a button.  

Sure makes it harder to teach them the concept of waiting on the Lord, doesn't it?

Enter God's sense of humor this morning.

My devotional listed Psalm 70 as the Scripture reading and I honestly did laugh out loud as I began reading it:

"Hasten, O God, to save me; O LORD, come quickly to help me." ~ Psalm 70:1

Seriously?  Even the people of long ago wanted things to happen quickly?  Weren't they used to waiting long periods of time on God?

Hmmmm, I guess human beings have always been self-centered wanting the universe to revolve around them NOW, eh?

Make sure you hasten to God's Word today and see what He has to make you smile!

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Anonymous said...

The Lord used His discipling rod on me yesterday. My eyes were opened to the pride that still resides in me. Yes, we want the world to revolve around us, don't we.

mom said...

I know. I hear you. It's a lifelong process, isn't it, Jenny?

Tammy ~@~

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