Monday, November 28

making haste slowly

Here's a glimpse at the creative name holders for our Thanksgiving guests that my daughter-in-law and one of my daughters made after looking for ideas online:
Aren't they nice?  A pilgrim's hat, a big turkey drumstick, and a corn tassel.  Our table was much less crowded than past years as there were only eleven of us gathered together for our traditional Thanksgiving meal. However, having fewer people around for the long weekend didn't make the time go slower.  In fact, the time passed quickly and here we are in the last few days of November.

We're entering into the love-hate season of the year for me. I do so love many things about the Christmas holidays, but I do so hate the stress that comes with them, too.  So many more extra things to do that aren't part of our usual routine.  

More baking.  More shopping.  More writing.  More sewing.

Money squeezed.  Time squeezed.  Work squeezed.  Sleep squeezed.

Gaining shipping charges.  Gaining additional weight. Gaining daytime darkness.  Gaining fluffy snow.

Singing favorites quietly.  Telling secrets quietly.  Crying memories quietly.  Hiding presents quietly.  

And all in less than thirty days!

"The old Latin motto festina lente, 'make haste slowly', has a great lesson for us.  The more work we have to do, the more frequently we have to drop our head upon our desk and wait a little for heavenly aid and love, and then we can press on with new strength." ~ A.B. Simpson  

What a wonderful reminder to drop my head upon my desk and wait a little for heavenly aid and love so I can press on with new strength as I am reminded about the most important thing of this season which isn't on the list above. Celebrating the coming of the King!  

My heart's desire is to make haste slowly as I savor what this season is all about moment by moment not wanting to come to the end of this time weary and discontented, but joyful and expectant for the celebration of our newborn King! 

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