Thursday, November 17

only five ways

This week has definitely flown by!  It's hard to believe that we are almost to the end of the week already.  I finally took a few minutes to download all the recent pictures off my camera and I realized I had totally forgotten about all the pictures I took on:
My intent was to show what a normal day 11/11/11 was around here, but it seems ridiculous to post about that now since that was almost a week ago.  

Instead I'll post about a delicious surprise that arrived at our house on our Bible study night this week.  Back in early October a couple little guys who come with their mom and dad to our Bible study were busy promoting their annual boy scout popcorn drive.  When they said they'd be delivering the order right before Thanksgiving I knew that I had to take the plunge - well, it was for a good cause since it helps them go to a special scouting event - and buy the big can of special popcorn.  
For you see, I had a special purpose in mind for this special popcorn as I thought it would be WONDERFUL to eat with all my girls on the day after Thanksgiving when all the girls enjoy some girl time while the menfolk are hunting for the day.  

Yup, you read it right.  


There's White Ruby (white chocolate), English Magic, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Chocolate Covered Peanuts, and Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

Yup, YUM!

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like all of our family will be together for Thanksgiving this year.  My plan is to tuck this special treat away into a closet until Christmas time when we will hopefully all be together because such yummy goodness needs to be shared with my girls at a single sitting :-) 

Until then, we'll settle for our regular old buttery popcorn that my husband pops for us every Sunday night....

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