Monday, November 7

Simple Woman's Daybook for November 7

For today November 7

Outside my window.....the skies are blue, temperatures are in the 30's, and it is WINDY!

I am thinking.....about Christmas already.  How weird is that?!  

I am thankful.....for a kind part-time neighbor who shared his produce from his farm in another part of the state.  We were blessed with lots of apples, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, and various squash!

I am black exercise pants and a white t-shirt from Hawaii.

I am hearing.....a daughter getting her school books out from the cabinet as the time change has her up early and ready to do school.

I am to make changes when you know the rest of your family won't be on board with what you are suggesting.

I am family Christmas list.

I am write a note of encouragement to a couple who are going through a very difficult time in ministry right now.  

I am reading.....Radical by David Platt 

I am praying.....for my oldest daughter who randomly got a very painful kink in her neck yesterday morning. 

I am faithful God is as we take steps of obedience.

I am avoid all the extra candy around here that was purchased at a much discounted price last week. Fortunately there is very little chocolate!

On my mind.....are a couple teen girls from our church who are having a hard time living their faith out in the local high school. 

From the learning rooms.....we have finished the first quarter of our schooling and I'm starting to see where different kids are dragging their feet in certain subjects.  

Noticing that.....there's a LOT of flying squirrels around this fall.

I am looking forward to.....getting some new living room furniture delivered this week as our old furniture seriously has no springs left.  You feel like you are sitting on the floor no matter which thing you sit in since this furniture has seen years and years of hard kid use.  

Pondering these words....."The reward of the American dream is safety, security, and success found in more comfort, better stuff, and greater prosperity.  But the reward of Christ trumps all these things and beckons us to live for an eternal safety, security, and satisfaction that far outweighs everything this world has to offer. " ~ David Platt

From the kitchen.....we are now back to making apple dishes since we've received all these apples from our neighbor.  YUM!

Around the house....are clothes we've been sorting through as we move into a new season.  

One of my favorite sitting by the warmth of the woodburner on chilly mornings.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....include a couple of work projects, a congregational meeting, more raking if the wind settles down, catching up on reading with my youngest, and some sewing I've been itching to do. 

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with of our Thanksgiving decorations that I pulled out this weekend. Time to get the inside of the house looking like autumn before the snow starts making a regular appearance here!
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Enjoy this month of thanksgiving!

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Jerralea said...

I like that quote from David Platt - very challenging. I've heard a lot of good things about his book, "Radical."

Please let us know if you figure out how to get your family to make changes when they don't want to do so! It is a hard thing to do!

mom said...

You'll know when I figure that out because I'll become a kazillionaire when I write the book! HA!

Tammy ~@~

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