Friday, November 4

taped to trouble

I knew something was wrong the moment I picked it up out of its place in the junk drawer.  Something was very very wrong with the tape dispenser that we've had for a kazillion years because it was as light as a feather.
It looked normal from one side.  But the other side and end revealed the truth of the matter.  A whole chunk of plastic was now completely missing.   You'd think the one who had committed the damage would have at least attempted to tape the broken piece back onto the dispenser since there was already tons of tape stuck all over the old dispenser.  
Even though I found the tape dispenser in the drawer where it belongs which is NOT where I usually find it when I girls have been using it, I started the questioning with them. They all gave me the blank stare.  No amount of questioning gave me a lead at all.  

That left the menfolk of the house.  Since one was busy providing for the family, that meant I needed to check with the one doing school in his bedroom.

I couldn't believe it!  GUILTY!

Ahhhh, but the tale was ohhhh so interesting.  He had been outside doing some filming for a video he was making and needed the tape for something.  So he came into the house to get it.  Not a problem.  The problem was when the tape dispenser went flying off the GO KART while he was driving. YIKES!  It's not really a surprise knowing how the go kart bounces around on the gravel driveway or on the paths in the woods.  I just found it interesting that he calmly put it back into the drawer without saying a word to anyone or thinking that perhaps no one would notice.

Let's just hope his video will be award winning so he can earn enough money to replace my favorite old tape dispenser....

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