Saturday, December 3

the best Fireman

Often people will comment to me about how I must have LOTS of good stories having raised a large family.  And often I respond to them that I know I have LOTS of good stories which are unfortunately locked up in my steel trap of my mind.  Life was so busy when all of my kids were little that my memories were savored as we lived them and only arise again when my older ones go through reminiscing moments when we are gathered together.  Those times are worthy of many smiles!  How I wish the world was blogging back when they were all little so I could at least have a written journal to look back upon instead of those hastily written at the end of the day jottings on a calendar page. 

So, when my daughter-in-law recently had one of those wonderful moments happen in her life with my getting close to four year old grandson, I had to ask her if I could borrow it to share.  Here it is:

The mom:  What do you know about Jesus?
The son:  He helps us!!
The mom:  That's right!! Why does He help us?
The son: ....(pause, then triumphant hand raise) ...Because He's a fire-fighter!!! 

I've either failed as a Biblical educator, or he's a junior theologian...not sure which. 

Isn't this delightful?  And wouldn't you agree that he is a junior theologian?  Jesus does help us because He is a fire-fighter.  He helps fight the fires of Hell and offers Living Water to put them out.

Yup, yup.  I have a smart little grandson! I think I need to get him a fire truck for Christmas :-)

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~~Devita~~ said...

Awww... your grandson is to sweet!

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