Monday, December 26

the changing holidays

The life of a family is constantly changing.  As much as we want to freeze certain moments of time - and speed up others! - time marches on at a steady pace.  

We've had many crazy Christmas years as our family has been growing up.  There's nothing in the entire world like watching lots of young children opening presents - be sure to put that on my favorite list of life things - and then it seems that suddenly the small children have grown up.  Not only do they grow up, but they move away from home, get married, start their own families, and begin their own traditions.  And that's a very good thing :-)  However, it's part of the changing of the life of a family especially when it comes to holidays.  

All that to say....our Christmas this year was very quiet. The children home ranged from eight years old to nineteen so present opening was much more low key.  Older children want more expensive items which means a LOT fewer packages.  The youngest was still delighted with the present opening and everyone was happy at the end of this brief encounter with their gifts, but once it was over everyone got into high gear.  Within thirty minutes, the house was suddenly quiet again as all the older ones were gone.  Only myself and the youngest who has a coughing cold at the moment were left behind.  

And a new tradition was born on this Christmas Day.... they headed out for a day of skiing and snowboarding!  They had a wonderful fun day as the ski hills were rather quiet on Christmas Day.  It was perfect as two of them went snowboarding for the first time on a real ski hill instead of practicing on the hill by our house.  They arrived home tired and sore and full of stories.

Back home my youngest found quiet activities to do throughout the day which was just what she needed for a change.  My time was spent making a few more holiday treats, working on some sewing projects for gifts, and wrapping the last of the presents.  

For you see, while everyone else in the world is at the end of their Christmas holiday, the life of our changing family means our big holiday event is yet to come as we will all celebrate together toward the end of this week when everyone travels home.  That is when the wrapping paper will be flying, the conversation will be loud, the laughter will be contagious, the conversations at the kitchen table will be boisterous, and the wrestling of the boys will begin.

THOSE are the moments a mother treasures in her heart for a long long time with a very thankful heart!

Hoping your holidays have been merry and bright!  Enjoy!

Tammy ~@~


Kimmie said...

and your family is beautiful (loved the picture and card).

I am very thankful for you...only wish we were face to face friends. I know in heaven we will be. (unless you want to move to CT ;-)

Your celebrations sounds delightful...enjoy the coming celebration too!
mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

mom said...

Hmmm, don't think there's a move in my near future, Kimmie, so we may have to continue our friendship from afar, but even that is delightful :-)

And I'm amazed at how quickly the mail travels!

Tammy ~@~

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