Tuesday, December 20

ironing out change

For those of you who have read here long enough, you know that ironing and homeschooling go together for me.  For years I've ironed clothes while giving spelling tests.  And once it seemed I regularly fell asleep sitting next to my younger readers while they were reading to me, I moved them into our laundry area where they could read to me while I was upright ironing.  

I realize that there are people out there who would consider this ironing task with dread and distaste, but I honestly LOVE it!  It's relaxing to me :-)

So, how interesting was it yesterday when I asked my youngest to come into my bedroom to do her reading.  I told her she could sit in my comfy rocking chair and read aloud while I wrapped presents nearby on the card table that I had set up.  She went and got her books and charts and settled into the chair.  But then there was a look of obvious distress on her face as she began reading.  Tears were forming in her eyes.  As I watched this process worsen, I asked her what was wrong.

"I can't read here.  It's too hard.  We need to go downstairs so you can iron while I read."


Well, that was a first!  

I hadn't pegged this little one as someone that would have a problem with "change", but there it was clearly in black and white.

We talked a bit and I encouraged her to finish the reading she was doing which she did get through, but was she ever relieved to be done.  

You know, just when you think you have your kids figured out, then something new pops up.  Knowing that she may be sensitive to things changing around her, I'll have to be more watchful in the days ahead to help her ease into situations that may come up.  

The reality as we know it is that life is all about change, isn't it?  We can either kick and scream about it OR see what the Lord has in mind.  I'd prefer the second choice as I find His plan is always more interesting than what I had in mind.  How about you?

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