Friday, December 9

tree worthy

Last Saturday we went Christmas tree hunting and cut down the perfect tree for us.  Over the week the kids have been putting on the ornaments and trying to keep them high enough that the cat won't knock them down.  I've noticed that as our family is growing, the ornaments on the tree are decreasing as each child takes the ornaments they've collected over the years with them as they start a new family.  It's actually kind of nice in a way because you can really notice different ornaments instead of so many ornaments making a blur together on the tree. 
It only took me a moment to find one of my oldest favorite ornaments.  I hadn't grown up with an ornament tradition, however my mom had given me this one during my senior year of high school.  
I love it not only because it is dated, but also because it was so fitting at the time as the group of friends I spent time with began downhill skiing that winter.  We had a lot of good clean fun during those times and every time I see that Precious Moments girl skiing the memory makes me smile.

Do you have a favorite ornament on your tree that brings a smiling memory?

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