Tuesday, December 6

walking until the end

My devotional this morning was about following family lines through genealogies which is a popular thing these days. My mother-in-law had traced her family line quite far back and it's interesting to read the names as well as some occupations of ancestors.  I also have a cousin who has done a lot of research of my mom's side of the family and he has collected interesting information, too.

The devotional, however, was talking about the family lines listed in the Bible found in Genesis chapter five with one person highlighted who escaped the other eight whose life story ended with "and he died" - Enoch.  Enoch is noted in verse 23 for the fact that he "walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away."

When I think about my family tree, it is interesting that little information is given unless it is important.  The same thing seems to apply to this family line listed in Genesis with only more information listed because it was important.  He walked with God.

Can you think of anything more important to be noted for when your life is over and done and only a line jotted in a genealogy?

It's a daily moment by moment lifestyle to walk with God - one that takes commitment as you build that relationship with Him.   Yet what a blessing it would be if the only thing noted about your life when it was over was that you walked with God!

Off to go walking.....how about you?

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randi said...

walking with god is the only way to get anywhere! he is so good at guiding and showing me where i need to be. it's only when i leave his side that i find myself out in the middle of no-where!

great reminder!

mom said...

Yup, I totally agree, Randi!

Tammy ~@~

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