Tuesday, May 31

blossoms of praise

It's amazing how much difference a little rain and warm weather will make to boost the springtime blossoms in my yard!
All the pin cherry trees are full of white blossoms.

My apple tree has never had so many blossoms as it does at the moment.

The crabapple tree is heavy with blossoms this spring after only lightly blossoming last year.

And my early lilac with its ever so slightly opening blossoms is already sending that wonderful lilac scent into our windows with the strong breeze we have today.

Have I mentioned recently how much I simply adore spring as it brings my heart to singing praises of thanksgiving to our Creator for the wonderful splendor and beauty of the season?!

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Friday, May 27

the best kind of birthdays

One of my favorite blog stops is Randi's I have to say  She's always busy with sewing and quilting projects of her own as well as posting links to others who enjoy the same kind of tasks.  Three years ago she started her very own fabric shop Fresh Squeezed Fabrics and is celebrating its 3rd birthday with a daily giveaway this week.  Do go and visit her!

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Thursday, May 26

far from common sense

Here's a glimpse from my devotional this morning:

"The danger with us is that we want to water down the things that Jesus says and make them mean something in accordance with common sense;  if it were only common sense, it was not worth while for Him to say it." ~ Oswald Chambers

YES! Ohhhh, this statement is so true and so contrary to what the culture around us is saying about God's Word and Jesus.  Always trying to change things around to make a kinder gentler God that will make life easier for us as we justify just about anything and everything.  We fit God into our common sense mold as we attempt to grasp who He is.

But this is the reality:  "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." ~ Isaiah 55:8-9

God is God and I am not and neither are you.  He IS the same yesterday, today, and forever.

God's Word is often going to be counter culture.  Jesus spoke TRUTH.  Take some time to read the red print of Jesus' words through the four Gospels...then live it out with His strength, help, and guidance.  Find out just how truly amazing our God is whose thoughts and ways are not ours!

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Tuesday, May 24

results happen

Here's a recent thought to ponder from Oswald Chambers:  "The things we are going through are either making us sweeter, better, nobler men and women; or they are making us more captious and fault-finding, more insistent upon our own way.  The things that happen either make us fiends, or they make us saints; it depends entirely upon the relationship we are in to God."

Praying for the sweeter, better, nobler here.....

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Saturday, May 21

deposit now!

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.  ~Charles R. Swindoll

A weekend ahead!  Consider the memories you can be making with your children....or with your grandchildren!  It doesn't have to be anything elaborate as they remember the simplest things when you give them your fullest attention.


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Friday, May 20

a new winner

A new winner for my garden giveaway has been drawn!

Junk Loving Girl!

May the sun be streaming through your windows and the birds singing brightly in your garden today!

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Thursday, May 19

forgiving the weaknesses

Spread too thin.  That's my reality right now.  When I'm living the spread too thin lifestyle it seems like I'm not doing anything well because of the abundance of tasks I have before me.  All that jumps out to me is my glaring weaknesses instead of my strengths and I immediately become hard on myself for not doing better.  

And then right when I need it the most as I start another day, encouragement is glaringly placed in my pathway.  Like this morning.

"The last person on earth you will forgive a weakness is yourself.  Only in the gospel can men go on loving themselves.  Wait on God!  See what His strong hands will fashion out of your defection." ~ Carlyle Marney

The timing of this quote in my devotional book could not be better!  I needed to be reminded of God's forgiveness which I often extend to others, but withhold from myself. And I also needed to be reminded that God knows me more intimately than anyone else does - even better than I know myself - and yet still loves me unconditionally and abundantly even with all my weaknesses.

My day has now shifted.  Wait on God!  See what His strong hands will fashion out of all my weaknesses.  Life is about HIM not me.

May He place the kind of encouragement you need on this day right on your garden path!

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Tuesday, May 17

living like your leaving

On the bottom of my devotional this morning was this statement:

"Plan as though you'll be living for a century; live as though you'll be leaving today." ~ Author Unknown

It brought a smile to my face as I remembered something that happened over the weekend.  As I was putting something away in my desk in the bedroom, my husband who was reading a few feet away suddenly said, "The rapture just happened!"  

Two thoughts ran through my mind almost simultaneously - *How very cool is that?!?!?!*  AND *Why am I still here?!?!?!*

Of course, the rapture didn't just happen here, but had happened at the end of the book my husband was reading. But it did cause me to stop and think about suddenly heading to my heavenly home.  Am I ready?  How am I living my life on a daily basis?  Am I living like a stranger to this world who longs for home or have I made life so comfortable on this earth that I don't want to ever leave? Am I willing to adjust my life to be wholeheartedly following the purposes God has for me each moment rather than following what I want to be doing with my time? 

Ahhh, sometimes I ask too many questions, don't I?

May your heart ponder how you are living on this day and may it be pleasing to Him!

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Monday, May 16

go grow

"The conversion of a soul is the miracle of a moment; the growth of a saint is the work of a lifetime."  ~ Author Unknown

Growing is on my mind with the spring season upon us. Everything around our home is in a new growing pattern as the grass finally greens up, the trees are budding and leafing out, and the tiny beginnings of my perennials are peeking out of the ground.  

I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that there was no such thing as being stagnant or standing still in your Christian walk.  If you weren't moving forward and growing in your relationship with God, you were actually in a position of backsliding.  That being a Christ follower meant always growing in your spiritual walk.  I think I perhaps argued in my mind about that statement for quite awhile, especially when life was content with a sense of stability and steadiness.  But I've come to realize that during those times I was probably doing the bare minimum of maintaining a relationship with Christ.  I mean bare minimum.  The enemy certainly isn't going to mess with you when you are in that position as it's right where he wants you.  Not growing, but going in his direction.  In other words, backsliding.

Can I encourage you on this day to GROW?  To get into God's Word and open your heart to being challenged by Him?  To actively watch and listen to what God is doing around you and being willing to take a step of faith to join Him in the purposes and plans He has?  The heartfelt contentment and peace found in following Christ where He leads is a zillion times better than anything the world has to offer!

Go grow!

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Saturday, May 14

looking for....

Last Thursday I drew a name for my giveaway and sent off an email to my winner, but still haven't heard back yet.


If you see this posting please email me at tam.gardening@yahoo.com so I can get this package off my desk and into your hands.  If I don't hear anything by Monday, I'll need to draw a new winner.


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Thursday, May 12

investing in the future

In my devotional today, the author talked about James Clerk Maxwell who was a highly noted and prominently known physicist and mathematician in the 1800's.  His early foundation as a child included studying and memorizing the Bible which influenced his later conviction of the harmony between science and God's teachings.  As a homeschooling mom the author's closing comments couldn't have said it better:

"Finding ways to encourage children's love for learning while establishing them in the faith is an important investment in the future." ~ Dennis Fisher

As your children are curious about the world around them, keep pointing them to the Author of all creation, our Heavenly Father, confirming all they see through His Word. Those early foundational years based on faith will impact their later years as they connect the two together serving the Lord in whatever occupation.  It'll be exciting to watch how God uses those investments in the lives of your children!

*Do read the biographies available for James Clerk Maxwell, especially if you have a child with a budding interest in physics.  Here's a couple online sources:  James Clerk Maxwell or the Wikipedia version

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Monday, May 9

Simple Woman's Daybook for May 9

For today May 9

Outside my window.....the skies are mostly cloudy with a chance of spring rain. 

I am thinking.....about my kids planning a special meal from ingredients on hand to bless me last night for Mothers Day.  It was yummy!

I am thankful.....for my husband having a good start to his spring work season as we continue to watch God provide for all our needs.

I am wearing.....a denim skirt with a cozy pink sweatshirt until I warm up.

I am hearing.....my husband's trucks out in the driveway as the guys prepare to leave for work. 

I am creating.....another chart to keep track of important information that I need for work.

I am going.....to be working in the office today which is a very good thing since I ache all over from raking this past weekend.

I am reading.....Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby and daily proverbs.
I am praying.....for my life to be based upon the wisdom of God's Word as I seek God's will daily.
I am remembering.....that only "yesterday" my kids were all little.  How quickly the days and years pass!

I am hoping.....that the weather continues to stay spring-like.  It's been one long winter and a cold spring season.

On my mind.....is the need to stayed focused this week and concentrate on the big tasks that need to get done.
From the learning rooms.....it is very wonderful to be finishing up school books for the year as we wind down our schooling.

Noticing that.....the month of May is already quickly flying by.

Pondering these words....."God is sovereign over every life, but those who yield their will to him will be shaped according to his purposes." ~ Henry Blackaby

From the kitchen.....it's time for me to be thinking about what the guys would like to pack into their work lunches each morning.

Around the house....are too many clumps of dog fur as the dogs have begun their winter fur shedding.

One of my favorite things.....is seeing the color green start to pop up in our yard during the month of May.  My daffodils have just started blooming, too!  Yay!

A few plans for the rest of the week.....include schooling, working in the office, a son's birthday, a congregational semi-annual meeting, mid-week Bible studies, more raking, and catching up on ironing as we switch over our clothes for a warmer season.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.... 

The sunrise coming up over the ocean was one my  favorite parts of our family's mini-vacation.  I enjoyed my devotional time on the beach.

Thank you for stopping and visiting my daybook on this day. If you'd like to visit others who are participating during the spring time daybook or write a journal yourself, please stop over at Peggy's at Simple Woman's Daybook

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Saturday, May 7

simple thoughts of the day

"A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts."  ~ Washington Irving

Missing my mom....

Smiling about my children....

Smiling even more about my grandchildren....

Thanking my Lord and Savior....

And praying for those women whose hearts ache from the loss of children or mothers.

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Friday, May 6

refreshing may

May is here!  Since we weren't at home when it arrived, as I flipped my calendar this morning and realized it was May 6th it feels like my month is already flying by!

The verse for the month of May is from Romans 15:32 - "so that by God's will I may come to you with joy and together with you be refreshed." Paul had been longing to visit the church in Rome for some time, but had been kept busy doing God's work.  He knew he had work to do in some other regions that he felt God was calling him to and his hope was to spend some time with fellow believers in between these places.  He asked them for prayer that it would be God's will for him to spend some time with them and be refreshed through the visit.

And so I smile.  We have had a busy winter at home with the extra stress of my husband recovering from his broken leg bone.  All of our normal routine had been thrown off, yet life didn't slow down.  In fact, my plate was getting so full that I could hardly see over it and looking ahead on the calendar only revealed a continuation of busyness.  It wasn't bad busyness, but the wonderful fullness of life following God where He leads.  Yet, my heart was longing for a time of refreshment with my family.

Unexpectedly that came as we made a spur of the moment trip to visit one of our sons.  It was a time of joy as we celebrated a special moment in his life and were blessed with some additional days of complete relaxation together with our family who still live at home.  We came with joy, we left with joy, and the warm sunny weather and time spent together rejuvenated each one of us from the top of our heads to the tips of our toes.   It was just what the doctor ordered.  THE doctor better known as the Great Physician.  He heals and nourishes our weary souls.  

The refreshment He provided has given renewed strength and enthusiasm as our family transitions to a new season ahead.  My husband starts back to work, the kids are finishing up school and gearing up for summer, and my own work is moving on to a new level.  Perfect timing!  Isn't God good?!  All the time?!

Ah, yes.  The month of May.  My favorite month of the year! What a joy it is to begin it with the joy of refreshment :-)

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Thursday, May 5

finally the four finisher!

Sometimes life interrupts blog giveaways.

Like recently.

Thank you for your patience in waiting, dear commenters.Your names were written and placed in a bucket that recently enjoyed time filled with sand from a warm sandy beach from an unexpected spur-of-the-moment getaway for our family.  

A name was picked from this bucket on a gray chilly rainy day in the 40's at home as our hearts and minds still lingered in a place that was warm and sunny and in the 80's.Yet as your comments about spring were read, my heart and mind was warmed by the fact that someday spring will really truly arrive here, too.  Right?  

Kim!  Congratulations!  May your heart sing, too, with the birds of spring when this gardening package arrives!  And happy spring to all the rest of you, too!

Tammy ~@~

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