Thursday, January 26

all the Bread

It's always cool to me how God reinforces what He's teaching me through Scripture that jumps out at me.  Here's the verse that went with my devotional today:

"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." ~ Matthew 4:4

Eating daily is essential to life.  When our bodies are not being properly nourished with good foods, life fades away.

So it is spiritually.  Jesus talks much about being the Bread of Life in John chapter six.  We need to be feeding on the words of God daily to become nourished as we allow God's words to fill our hearts.  

What does that have to do with yesterday?  Think of bread. How many people pull off the crusts to only eat the the soft middle?  Or just the opposite as I knew someone who use to pull off the crusts to eat them and left the soft middle uneaten.  

Jesus is the Living Bread.  We need to be nourished with ALL of His Word.  Nothing is optional.  It's all essential.  It's all life giving.  

Think about that today when you eat your sandwich for lunch....

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