Saturday, January 28

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Well, my husband filed a complaint.  At first I was taken back and hurt.  Then I realized it wasn't personal and it was something I could work on to help him not be so annoyed.

What was it?  He said the scent of his clothes made him feel sick to his stomach. Really sick to his stomach.  Even being outside when the dryer was running was making him feel that way as the air wafted in his direction in the breeze.

After my initial reaction, I was stumped.  I had basically used the same detergent and softener sheets for my laundry for as long as I could remember.  Tide© - with bleach once it came out - and Bounce© dryer sheets.  For years.  It was a combination that worked well with lots of boys and their dirty clothes combining with our dry static-filled winter air. 

But my current reality is that my family is growing up and my youngest son is almost 18 years old and not playing in mudpiles much anymore these days.   The last few kids at home are girls who change clothes frequently which means those clothes hardly see a dust speck.  

Take that information with the consideration that perhaps those two favorite laundry products have changed their formulas over the years making them much more scented which is a disaster to my husband who already is known for his sensitive sniffer.

Time to consider change.
Here's my first attempt at change.  Sticking with products I know but in their scent free sensitive line.  So far so good as the scents in our clothes are gradually coming out with each washing and my husband is much happier which means I'm much happier, too. 

Time to get off my computer and spend some time using those products this weekend!

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