Friday, January 6

crafty relaxin'

It seems I got bit by the crafting bug shortly before Christmas this year.  The only item I had planned on making was a Christmas stocking for my grandson, but then my daughter-in-law mentioned that she'd like her own stocking.  
So a new Christmas stocking was made for her, too, although that ended up being an after Christmas project since I was busy with a couple other projects  before Christmas.  
Like the chenille hot pads I made - one for each of the married girls of our family.  A friend showed me one in the middle of December and they looked so easy that I thought I'd try making them as gifts.  Fortunately they were fast and easy to make which means I should probably consider making a few for myself. 
Or the flour sack towels which weren't part of my plan either until I was doing some other shopping during December and walked past them at the store.   Hmmm, on sale and with a bunch of embroidery iron transfer patterns on sale next to them.  So, again, I worked on three so each of the married girls of our family could have one.

Although doing these extra unplanned things added a little more stress to an already full and busy schedule, what I ended up finding out was that I really enjoyed sitting and working on them. It's been along time since I've spent much time on my sewing machine and I could feel my whole body hum with happiness as I stitched away.   It really was a wonderful way to RELAX doing something that I enjoyed doing.

AND :::::whispering:::::  I really think I need to schedule some regular daily unwinding time doing this kind of stuff. Even if it's only fifteen minutes a day working on one of the many quilts that I've already started or sketched out in my mind.   Fifteen minutes of relaxation a day for some creative crafting.  

It almost sounds like a resolution, doesn't it?    

Guess we'll see as the year goes by, won't we?

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