Friday, January 27

head to heart

Yesterday for our devotional time, we were on Psalm 136.  Growing up in a liturgical kind of church, I thought it would be fun to read the beginning of each verse and have the kids reply together with second half of the verse - His love endures forever.  We were about a third of the way through the psalm and the kids weren't thinking it was so fun.   To them who had not grown up in a liturgical kind of church it seemed like a silly thing to do. 

So we talked about why the author of this psalm kept repeating that phrase - because he felt this was an important lesson to sink into the hearts of those who read it. As the author - inspired by God - considered so many things about God, his only heart response could be that His love endures forever.  

Ya ya, they agreed.  Ya ya, they know that in their heads was my realization.  Ya ya, someday when they are perhaps older they will know it in their hearts was my other realization.

Because as they live their lives that thread of faith will weave throughout each day. They will pass through deep waters and dark valleys and when everything falls apart there will be that thread of faith still evident when they realize in their hearts the one and only truth that will truly matter - His love endures forever.  

And then they will read Psalm 136 with eyes filled with emotion.  Like their mom.

His love endures forever.

Don't forget it!

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