Saturday, January 7

a heartfelt prayer

A prayer for the day....for any day....for every day!

"O LORD, for greater sweetness and beauty and roundness of character, I pray; for the gift of spiritual energy and full-patienced life toward all and in Your presence. Your sweetness, patience, beauty--manifest them, O Lord. Preserve me from the pattern and print of the age I live in. Today, O Lord, cleanse me from hurry, and keep me purely and calmly Yours.  Renew your joy and power in and through me for your glory, keeping me clear and pure for You." ~ Oswald Chamber

Tammy ~@~


Kimmie said...

ditto that for me too.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

ps- loved the picture you sent, what an amazingly beautiful and HUGE family you have Tammy!!!!

mom said...

Thanks, Kimmie! :-) It's getting harder to get everyone together at the same time, so those family pictures are treasures!

Tammy ~@~

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