Thursday, January 19

some timeless writings

At a conference I attended last fall, a man named Andrew Murray was quoted by a couple different speakers.  Although I had heard the name before, I wasn't too familiar with his writings until recently when I picked up a couple of his books and began reading them.  It makes me smile when I realize how relevant God's Word continues to be as I can read an author's reflections upon Scripture back in the 1800's and see how well it can be applied in today's world.   

So, you may see quotes from Andrew Murray here in the days ahead as I ponder his writings.  Things like this.....

"Christian, you live in a dangerous world;  cling to the Lord Jesus.  As He teaches you to shun the world and its attractions, your love will go out to Him in loyal-hearted service.  But remember, there must be daily fellowship with Jesus.  His love alone can expel the love of the world.  Take time to be alone with your Lord."  ~  Andrew Murray

Take time each day to be alone with the Lord.  You'll never regret it!

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