Friday, February 17

booked for the day

Wowza!  Where'd this week go?  I can't believe I last posted on Monday and it's Friday already.

Sooo, let me tell you about my day yesterday.  The homeschoolers from our area had a wonderful opportunity to travel a bit north to spend a day downhill skiing or snowboarding for a greatly reduced price which included the lift ticket, rentals, a lesson, and lunch.  My husband agreed to take our four kids and off they went at 7 AM on a perfect day of winter weather for such an activity.

I closed the door and smiled.

The whole house was mine for about the next TEN HOURS!

Do you know how rare that is?!

After having my own dance party and jumping on all the beds, I needed to settle down to the tasks on hand.  First I cleaned up the kitchen a bit doing up the dishes and wiping down the countertops. Then I worked on  some personal monthly financial bookwork that my husband requested before he left which I had planned on doing on the weekend but since he was kind enough to take the kids for the day, I sat down and balanced numbers paying bills.  

Finally, on to the primary area of the house that regularly shouts at me for bedroom.  Does anyone else have the problem of YOUR bedroom being the collect all for everything?  I mean everything.  I will often start to clean it, but it always takes so long to put things back where they belong in other places in the house which leads me to start cleaning those places that I never get very far on that task.  However, this time I had time to invest in some deep cleaning.

So I started in the corner next to our bed where we have a rocking chair and a bookshelf.  I took all the books out of the bookshelf and put them on my bed.  I took all the books off our bed's headboard and put them on the bed.  I put all the books I had stacked on the floor in that area and put them on the bed.  Let's just say that our king-sized bed was covered with BOOKS!

I dusted and vacuumed and washed the window and its screen and put the bookshelf back in place.

And then the daunting task began.  Reshelving all those books.

Do you know how hard that is for a book lover?  I think I probably opened every book I handled just to peek inside at the words as I found a special place on the shelf for it. Some books got moved to one of the other bookshelves. Some books will find themselves on an office shelf.  A few books are tucked under the bed because I don't know what to do with them as I can no longer agree on all of their philosophy.  Do I toss them?  Burn them? Plus I found Atlas Shrugged for my husband to read since he saw the movie. And one book will go to the thrift store.  Yup, ONE BOOK out of that big bed covering mountain of books. 

There's no doubt.  I am a hopeless book-a-holic. I love the feel and smell of the pages of books.  Librarians will continue to be our favorite people as they regularly loan books from other libraries to us because we don't have them on our shelves.  

ALL that to say....not much else got done yesterday because the reshelving project took me all afternoon which was worth every minute as that corner is now clean reducing my stress level as I walk into my bedroom. 


So how would YOU spend ten hours to yourself?

Tammy ~@~ 


Kim said...

I would spend 10 hours to myself reading one of those wonderful books. I hope you enjoyed your time.

mom said...

Sounds like you and I would be good friends IRL, Kim! And yes, I enjoyed a quiet house immensely and what did get accomplished :-)

Tammy ~@~

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