Thursday, February 23

dears are better than deers

As I was sitting by the window doing my devotions this morning, I looked up and caught some motion in the woods. As I watched closely, I could see a line of deer breaking through the snow with each step as they slowly made their way through the woods.  At least the snow isn't very deep this winter and we haven't had our typical long stretches of sub-zero temperatures which means the deer should fare quite well this year.  Fortunately God designed them to survive the winter weather and bundles them up in His way for cold and snow. Even knowing that I can still say that I'm so glad I'm not a deer and have to live outside in the cold. me the shivers thinking about it.

I'm much happier being God's dear living out His purposes through my adventures for Him indoors!

And that's my random thought for the morning. Hopefully my thoughts will be less random for the rest of the day and I'll be able to focus better on the important stuff before me.

Have a good day, DEAR ones!

Tammy ~@~

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