Tuesday, February 7

the hugeness of ordinary

From my devotional:

"The man who missed his opportunity and met the doom of the faithless servant was not the man with five talents, or the man with two, but the man who had only one.  The people who are in danger of missing life's great meaning are the people of ordinary capacity and opportunity, and who say to themselves, 'There is so little I can do that I will not try to do anything.'  One of the finest windows in Europe was made from the remnants an apprentice boy collected from the cuttings of this master's great work.  The sweepings of the British mint are worth millions.  The little pivots on which the works of your watch turn are so important that they are actually made of jewels.  And so God places solemn value and responsibility on the humble workers, the people who try to hide behind their insignificance the trifling opportunities and the single talents.  Our littleness will not excuse us in the reckoning day." ~ A. B. Simpson

He's referencing the parable of the talents found in Matthew chapter 15 as well as this verse  - "Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much..." (Luke 16:10)

You may feel ordinary.  You may feel little.  You may feel insignificant.

But I'm here to tell you that you aren't any of those things. You are indeed hand crafted by a loving God who considers you a treasure. 

Step out in faith using every little simple opportunity to serve Him because no act is insignificant when your heart is focused on loving God.  

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