Saturday, February 4

inclusive love

Here's my thought of the day:

"Love makes people do strange things.  A couple in love will go to great lengths to demonstrate their exclusive devotion.  Likewise, a mother loves a child like no other person on earth.  Yet the love between Christ and the believer is not just between the two of them.  It is the strangest love of all, for it does not thrive on being exclusive.  In fact, it is the only love relationship that grows by being inclusive of others.  We must love others with Christian love in order to show our devotion to Christ.  We show Christ extreme love if we are willing to love those who have not loved us back.  Who is God asking you to love today for his sake?"

~ From Extreme Devotion by The Voice of the Martyrs

God's love truly is unlike any description or experience of love found on this earth.  Share some today!

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