Saturday, February 11

prayer conduct

Here's my thought for the day:

"If your crowd knows you as a man or woman of prayer, they have a right to expect from you a nobler type of conduct than from others." ~ Oswald Chambers

Lately it seems that God is placing a LOT on my path about prayer.  In my main morning devotional the topic for February is Intercession and at the same time I've picked up a couple of books stacked next to my bedside about prayer that have been begging for me to open once again to read some more.  

There is so much that could be said about prayer at the moment, yet my quiet time for the day is ending as the weekend calls my name.  Instead I'll leave you with the quote above and say that if you persevere as a person of prayer your relationship with God and others does change as well as your conduct because the intimacy of prayer changes your heart.  May that news warm your heart on a cold winter day!

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