Wednesday, February 29

snow day

All winter long we heard rumors of snowstorms coming that ended up only giving us an inch or two of snow when they tracked differently than forecasted.  It began to feel like a lot of "crying wolf" every time a weatherman opened his mouth about snow.  So when the latest BIG SNOWSTORM forecast started being talked about we initially kind of yawned.  But it kept being talked about as it inched closer on the radar and the possible snow totals inched higher.

And for the first time all winter I was praying that we would not get a snowflake.

What a surprise to wake up to over a foot of snow on the ground!  Snow still coming down heavy with some wind to mingle it around as we almost have white-out conditions. It's hard to take a picture to do it justice and the skies are dark with the heavy cloud cover, but here's a peek:

White-out conditions as we look across the field.

A peek down from our deck to the garden gate.

A look at the buried swings and the snow heavy clothesline almost touching the ground.

Although the porch has been cleared off, you can see the snowy railings and the snow still coming down as it blows onto the house.

My husband is loving plowing the driveway with his front end loader.
The snow coming down now is rather wet and heavy bending all the tree branches.  We are getting some flickering of power here which means the power lines are starting to be affected.  

Schools are closed.  Businesses are closed.  Children are loving to be outside playing in the snowstorm.  It really is a wonderful thing to enjoy the beauty of such a snowfall.

EXCEPT when you need to drive over an hour in excellent conditions to get to an airport on a day like today. Fortunately the weather is clearing by the airport and flights are on time.  The challenge is getting from here to there and I'm very thankful for a husband who will do the four wheel drive thing with his truck to get us to the airport.  

Sooooo, hopefully my next pictures on the blog will be of sunshine and beaches if we can get through this continuing snowstorm!

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Kim said...

Thanks for posting pictures. We didn't get much in the form of snow but did receive a lot of rain. I've been hearing the buzz about the amount of snow 'up north'. Glad to see the snowstorm really packed a punch this time.

mom said...

Yup, it definitely packed a punch. I've heard 72 hour totals of snow of 24 inches.....that's TWO FEET! Glad March is here and it won't last long....

Tammy ~@~

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