Tuesday, February 21


No matter how much I try to prevent it, my kids just keep growing up. Today we welcome a new teenager to the family which puts us at four children in that age range.  Talk about a challenge somedays!  
But this one.....she's been watching all those older siblings go through their teen years and claims she is NOT going to be like that!  We'll see.......

In the meantime, thirteen is the age when mom says it's okay to get your ears pierced, so that will be the first thing to accomplish on this girl's list.  Other than that, I expect her to continue growing into the person God created her to be - a late night reader, growing taller, preferer of the color red, hanging out with girlfriends, still playing with her younger sister, learning to be a kitchen cooker,  money earning babysitter, singing sweetly, soccer ball kicking, favorite aunt, ponytail wearer, sweet daughter of mine!

Happy birthday!  

Tammy ~@~


The Prude said...

What a cutie- and a character! 13 is a great age (as you have had plenty of opportunity to experience)
Have fun picking out earrings!

mom said...

A great - and a bit challenging with those newly charged up girl hormones - age. Earrings are our next stop :-)

Tammy ~@~

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