Monday, February 27

winter fun

Yesterday afternoon was a time of church fellowship spent at our local Christian camp.  Lots of outdoor activities which included:

And yes, broomball is a game of running on the ice with boots while hitting a small hard ball (it's the orange ball by the goalie's feet) into the goal.  When I first met my husband, he played on a broomball team that took first place in the league.  Back then they actually played with broomsticks that had most of the bushy part of the broom cut off.  Now fancy sticks are used.  
Choosing to ice skate on the ice

Visiting the horses who pull the sleigh rides

Getting snowshoes on for the race

And snowshoe racing!

Most of my afternoon was spent with my youngest as all the older ones were busy going from broomball to tubing to relay races.  It was a fun afternoon for one and all which was finished off with a time of snacks and fellowship for all in the dining hall of the camp.  

Now on to the week!

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