Monday, March 19

the early spring

You'd think that I would be dancing, but it feels so surreal I almost can't consider it.

Early spring.  VERY early spring.  VERY VERY early spring.  

I mean really, our spring usually arrives at least a month after it does on the calendar. 

But this year?  We had a snowstorm that brought us almost two feet of snow as we marched into March.  Then the weather began changing about a week after that as it gradually warmed up to a long stretch of record breaking highs.  We have been seeing the high temperature of the days over THIRTY degrees warmer than the average.   The snow is almost completely gone with only a few remnants scattered in the shady woods or where the very high snowbanks were after the snowstorm.  

There's a sense that this is just a false hope, but with the temperatures forecast to stay abnormally warm (in the 60's) as we get some rain over the next few days, it seems that spring is sticking.  People are talking GARDENS as they rake their yards in March instead of May.

It's just plain weird, I tell you!

But until it changes, the plan is to continue keeping our windows open to let the spring air refresh our home as we enjoy the return of birds singing in the morning. And to praise God for his blessing of an early spring :-)

Enjoy your day!

Tammy ~@~


randi--i have to say said...

same here! it's been so pretty lately that i can hardly stand it. i do hope it stays like this! :)

mom said...

I always thought northerners were the most crazy with spring fever, but it makes me smile to know how it affects people all over every part of the country. Yay, spring!

Tammy ~@~

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