Thursday, March 22

the long spring

How'd I miss it on the calendar?  The first day of spring during a year that it actually feels like the first day of spring?!  Typically we scoff and laugh at the calendar when it tells us such things because spring looks soooooo far away in March.  But this year?  Spring is bursting all over the place.  The snow is gone.  The ice is off the lakes. Grass is beginning to green.  Trees are beginning to leaf out. Frost is quickly coming out of the roads.  The sun has been shining.  The temperatures are staying twenty to thirty degrees above average.  And people who went away to warm southern places over spring break are finding that our weather was just as nice at home!

It's interesting to see how many people are walking around town with a startled smile on their faces.  There's the anticipation that the weather will go back to the normal, yet day after day it shows no signs of that as spring continues to march forth.  

I'm choosing to rejoice!  Spring is my very favorite time of the year and if God is blessing us with an extra LONG season of spring this year I'm going to enjoy every moment of it with a smile on my face :-)

May your spring be one of rejoicing, too!

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