Saturday, March 3

sand vs woods

Made it to warmer places despite all the snow that fell at home and am enjoying a long weekend with a very small part of my family.

The first thing we did once we arrived to our beach location Thursday evening was walk on the beach.
I love walking on the sand of a beach.  I love the scent of the ocean.  I love the seagull friends. I love the sound of the surf.  I love the reminder that God is so big.
It always makes me wonder why God placed me where He did when I feel my heartbeat while walking along a sandy shore. Guess He thought He could speak louder to me while living in the four seasons of a woods where I walk through trails cut through a heavy woods, smell the scent of green, talk to chickadees instead of seagulls, and hear the sound of the wind through rustling leaves.  I love the reminder that God is so big.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are doing whatever God placed before you. I know I will!

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