Thursday, March 15

making time

"How often the complaint is heard that there is no time for prayer!  Very often the confession is made that, even if time could be found, one feels unable to spend the time in real fellowship with God.  No one needs to ask what it is that hinders growth in the spiritual life.  The secret of strength can only be found in living communion with God." ~ Andrew Murray

Words that were written by a man over a hundred years ago are still so very true today.  Even with all the modern conveniences available today to make our work lighter and easier, every moment of our day is consumed with something.

There's no time.  Simply no time for prayer.  

Can I challenge you to make time?  

Let me know what happens when you do....

Tammy ~@~


Charlie "Chaz" Mooney said...

Oh my! I can't believe this. This is Charlie (Ben's friend from Chicago who now lives in Arkansas and goes to your cabin every winter). I have a blog and I clicked on "Next Blog" at the top and your page popped up. I was amazed to see your pic there. What an amazing act of Providence. I didn't know you were a gardener, but, then again, I've only seen your house under a few feet of snow. haha. Blessings,

Charlie Mooney

mom said...

How fascinating that you accidentally ran across my blog, Charlie, and realized it was ME! What an extremely small world, eh? Very good to see you and hope all is well with you and your family. Do get back up here again sometime, okay?!

Tammy ~@~

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