Tuesday, March 20

time to overleap?

"Many difficulties and perplexities in connection with our Christian life might best be settled by a simple and bold decision of our will to go forward with the light we have, and leave the speculations and theories that we cannot decide for further settlement.  What we need is to act, and to act with the best light we have.  As we step out into the present duty and full obedience, many things wil be made plain which it is no use waiting to decide.

Beloved, cut the Gordian know, like Alexander, with the sword of decision.  Launch out into the deep with a bold plunge, and Christ will settle for you all the questions that you are now debating, and more probably show you their insignificance, letting you see that the only way to settle them is to overleap them.  They are Satan's petty snares to waste your time and keep you halting when you should be marching on." ~ A.B. Simpson

It is often difficult to walk into unknown territory.  However, if where you are walking is consistent with Scripture, know that God will go with you.  Overleap all the doubts and see what adventure God is taking you on!

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